Soft Foot Alliance

Thriving landscapes and abundance for all life this is the dream we work towards through learning, sharing and growing in a regenerative way. Co-existence is possible for communities living along the edge of Hwange National Park!

Through honouring traditional wisdom and new knowledge, active participation, training, determination and compassion we are seeing the community in which we live restore towards regeneration.
As we build on our collective learning and expand on our exciting projects our vision is to see the community, which we call home, thrive and live peacefully alongside healthy wildlife populations.
Through working together towards this goal of a landscape that is regenerated and flourishing our hope is to inspire and to share the lessons and processes with other communities to do the same in Zimbabwe and further afield.

Soft Foot Alliance 2018 Annual Report

Are you ready to help?

We are currently fundraising to build a Bioregional Regenerative Skills Hub in Mabale